Monday, August 22, 2011

Yellow House Cafe

We'd like to introduce you Yellow House Cafe in Korea town in Los Angeles. It's a Cafe style restaurant which is pretty common in Korea. It's kind of the perfect place to go late at night when you feel hungry after a movie or some events. (especially when you feel like something spicy!)

ChoongMoo Kimbap (Seaweed rolls & Spicy squid) -My (Jeana)'s favorite!

Spicy seafood udon

Iced Green Tea Latte & Hazelnut Latte

Baguette wanted to eat some yummy Korean food, too!


Rachel said...

This has made me feel really hungry now!

Collections said...

That looks so delicious! We have some fabulous korean restaurants in NY as well, loves it.

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Jiyoonie said...

yellow house is totally cute (and i agree re the choong moo gimbap)! btw, have you ever read the "about us" link on their website? pretty funny stuff :)


Thanks for the tip! Do you ever go to School Food. I was so excited when they opened here. I used to eat it every single day when I lived in Korea. I wish we had the Korean delivery system here :(

Peggy said...

Baguette is so cute! My dog doesn't like Korean food (except for rice). If I offer him kimchi, he runs away!

Anonymous said...

can you please make a vegetarian jajangmyun! or recommend a good place in LA? thank you!

Heather Taylor said...

Love me some yellow house! thanks for introducing me!

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