Monday, September 26, 2011

Spicy Cold Noodles on Platter (Jengban Mak Guksu)

Sorry for the absence of posts. There were a few distractions these past couple weeks but we are back!
It's technically not summer anymore and this recipe might be too late for some of you living up north..but we decided to share anyway.

In Korea when it is really hot and muggy in the summer your appetite goes away and it's hard to think about eating anything. That's when we eat a dish like this. It's cold, sweet and spicy and will bring you and your taste buds back to life on a hot afternoon.

Ingredients for 2 portions:
- 2 portions of Korean white noodles (package says Somyun, or you can substitute with the buckwheat noodles often used for cold Japanese soba)
- Cucumber, carrots, cabbage, sesame leaves, mugwort cut into matchstick size (you can use pretty much any veggies you like that are sitting in your fridge)
- 2 hardboiled eggs, sliced
- Sauce: 4T red chili paste, 3T rice vinegar, 1T sugar, 1/2 t plum extract, 1 T minced garlic, 1/2 t red chili powder(only if you really like it spicy), 1t lemon juice, 1 t sesame seeds
- 1 T sesame oil
- 2 T shredded dried seasoned seaweed for garnish

1. Mix all the sauce ingredients and set aside.

2. Add the noodles to a pot of boiling water. When it comes back to a boil add one cup of cold water. When it comes back to boil again the noodles should be done.

3. Rinse with cold water and drain.

4. Arrange the sliced veggies and eggs around a large platter. Place the noodles in the center and pour the sauce on top. Garnish with seaweed. This is how it should be presented at the table. (This is when everyone will start salivating!)

5. Add the sesame oil and mix everything together with chopsticks.
6. Serve into individual bowls.

It was a pretty big platter of noodles, but apparently not big enough. Went really well with the leftover rose wine that Jeana had.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nakzi Village in Korea town

We went to Nakzi Village in Korea town for dinner with a bunch of our friends. (Many of our non Korean friends are obsessed with this place!) We love to go there because it's delicious, you get really full and it's cheap.

낙지마을 Nakzi Village
(213) 380-8382
4177 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020

The octopus pancake is our favorite appetizer to order. So good with cold beer or sake!

This restaurant is famous for their grilled octopus. Their portions are big so order the small size for 3-4 people. Also if you can't eat spicy food, make sure to order "mild". Their "Medium spicy" is spicy!

This is the best part of the meal. After you finish the octopus, they make fried rice using the left over sauce. It's soooooooo good. I usually take the left over fried rice for the next day lunch.