Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kimchi Pancake (Kimchi Jeon)

Kimchi pancakes is another easy dish to whip up easily when you need to make a snack or extra banchan with ingredients you most likely already have.

1/2 cup pancake mix or flour
1 cup chopped kimchi
1 green chili pepper
1/2 cup icy cold water

1. Slice the chili pepper.

2. Put the kimchi, flour, water in a bowl.
3. Mix it well.
4. Heat some cooking oil in a non stick skillet on medium to high. When the it is hot put a scoop of the pancake mix onto the pan.
5. Use a spatula to spread it into a flat round shape.
6. Place some chili slices onto the pancake.
7. When the bottom is crispy looking, flip it over. Cook until the other side is also crisp. (You might have to add a bit more oil if it's not turning crispy)

Enjoy while it's still warm!


Anonymous said...

oh snap! love kimchi-jeon. what's the sauce you usually dip it in? just soy sauce?

mita said...

Thanks to show it.. I love korean food and I wish I can cook it by my self... I'll try it..

Collections said...

ugh this looks so delicious. This is one of my favorite things ever.


Bo said...

For most pancakes I like to use soy sauce, rice vinegar, sliced scallions and a pinch of red chili powder.

christine said...

In college, we used to put 밥 into this so that it would fry up nice and crispy like 누룽지. So good!

Sarah at WCP said...

Haha! I came to see what was the latest thing you had cooked up, and by coincidence, I also made jeon last week: http://winnercelebrationparty.com/home/post/69317/korean-jeon-with-buchu-and-kimchi/

Do you find any difference in taste when you use pancake flour vs. regular flour? And are you referring to Korean pancake flour?

Katherine said...

i didn't realize how easy it was to make this! seriously one of my favorite side dishes

Anonymous said...

I love this blog~~ bap story fighting :D

Bo said...

Sounds great. Gonna try it next time!

gothic victorian dresses said...

WOW!It looks tasty!Love it!

Splendor said...

Loving these recipes. Glad I found your blog.